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Char-Broil Grill+ Beer-Can Chicken Rack

Char-Broil Grill+ Beer-Can Chicken Rack

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The GRILL+® Accessory System™ expands your grilling options with accessories that work together to infuse your menu with versatility.
The GRILL+® Beer-can chicken rack is made of 100% stainless steel to ensure the optimal cooking experience, making it perfect for your oven or grill. Pour beer or other liquids into the removable cup and marinate your chicken. Designed to ensure even cooking, as well as quick and easy cleaning. Use it inside the GRILL+® Roasting Dish for the simultaneous preparation of vegetables and side dishes. Thanks to the Grill+® Accessory System™, you can use your GRILL+® accessories on their own or in an infinite number of combinations.

Product Information

Grill moist chicken infused with beer.
The rack is designed to hold the can in place.
Use up to two chicken racks inside the Grill+ Roasting dish to cook side items or catch drippings. (Grill+ Roasting Dish sold separately)
Made with Stainless Steel - built to last and easy to clean.

Size Guide

Width - 17cm
Length - 15.7cm
Depth - 6.5cm
Weight - 140g

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