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Char-Broil Marinade Injector

Char-Broil Marinade Injector

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Injections can be used to add extra flavour to grilled food. This durable marinade syringe can hold up to 60 millilitres of liquid and is perfect for smaller pieces of poultry or roasts. The set includes two syringes, one for injecting into chopped foods – such as onions and peppers – and another for marinades. With a marinade syringe, you can give dishes that little extra something.

Product Information

Stainless Steel - to clean and designed for eternity
Holds up to 60 ml - perfect for smaller poultry or roasts
Contains 2 syringes - which allow two marinades to be prepared
Includes 2 Syringes - one for injecting minced foods, like onions and peppers, and an another for marinades.
Made with Stainless Steel - built to last and to clean.
Holds up to 2 ounces of Liquid - perfect for smaller-sized poultry or roasts.

Size Guide

Width - 7.3cm
Length - 32cm
Depth - 3.5cm
Weight - 250g

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