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Char-Broil Skewer Rack

Char-Broil Skewer Rack

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Every Char-Bro needs a set of high-quality skewers like these to make your kebab skewers perfect, every single time. The set contains six skewers and a holder that ensures that your skewers do not slip between the grill grates. The holder also prevents the skewers from sticking to the grill.

Product Information

Complete Set - includes x6 skewers and a frame.
Elevated Rack - lifts skewers above grill surface to prevent charring or sticking.
Wide Side Handles - ensures safe and easy transport from grill to table.
Notches in Rack - prevent skewers from slipping and spinning.

Size Guide

Width - 24.5cm
Length - 44.7cm
Height - 4cm
Weight - 0.75kg

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