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Envirograf Silicone Fireproof Sealant

Envirograf Silicone Fireproof Sealant


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Silicone sealant, an odourless, ready-to-use, flexible, halogen-free. On curing is like rubber in consistency. Reacts with atmospheric moisture to form a durable, flexible seal. A food-safe version is available for food preparation areas. For use at joints between many building elements and materials, giving a water-tight, gas-tight and flexible seal. For example, in steel, brick, and blockwork, concrete, ceiling, walls, and partitions. Can be used on log stoves in areas where there are no flames.

Product Information

A high-performance sealant, ideal for most glazing, sealing, bonding or repairing tasks.
Compatible with water-based and solvent-based paints
Neutral curing system - practically odourless
Non-corrosive to metals
Will adhere to most substrates without the need for priming

Size Guide

Supplied in 310ml tubes

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