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Lifestyle Eden Pro 4.2KW Greenhouse Heater

Lifestyle Eden Pro 4.2KW Greenhouse Heater

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Fit for the pros  (greenhouse heaters <200ft²)

Offering extensive areas coverage, the Eden Pro’s powerful 4.2kW burner proves ideal for larger greenhouses.

Thermostat-controlled self-ignition

Unlike the conventional gas greenhouse heater, the Lifestyle Eden Pro features a bespoke self-ignition system. Thermostat controlled, the Eden Pro offers heat when needed most and happily sits on standby upon reaching your set temperature. 

Smart safety system

Featuring an Oxygen Depletion System (ODS), the Eden ensures it runs efficiently with a good oxygen flow. Should conditions be unideal for heating, the greenhouse heater switches off, protecting plants and people.

The Eden’s Flame Failure Device then ensures no gas flows to the burner until conditions return to being ideal for heating.

Robust and rust-resistant

The Eden Pro’s stainless steel body gives the heater a hard-wearing and enduring shell that can endure changing climates and conditions.

Product Information

12 month Lifestyle warranty
4200W max heat output
Thermostat controlled
Safety valve
Oxygen Depletion System (ODS)
Flame Failure Device (FFD)
Complete with gas hose and Propane regulator

Size Guide

Width - 36cm
Depth - 14cm
Height - 48.5cm
Weight - 4.4kg

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