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Monolith Classic Pro Series 2.0 Guru Edition Kamado Charcoal BBQ

Monolith Classic Pro Series 2.0 Guru Edition Kamado Charcoal BBQ

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The all new Monolith Classic Pro Series 2.0 Kamado Grill Guru Edition is the latest innovation from Monolith taking barbecuing to the next level.

This revolutionary kamado style BBQ grill features the Pro Series Smart Grid System offering unrivalled functionality and flexibility. The brand-new hinge system allows for more functionality and allows effortless opening while the innovative stainless steel & fibre glass sealing gaskets give longevity and are virtually maintenance free. The Pro 2.0 also comes with a built-in BBQ Guru adapter to which the blower can easily be mounted to. The redesigned cast iron top valve guides smoke directly upwards and out of the grill with the slide system offering more stability and a sleeker, modern look.

Available with either the DigiQ, DynaQ or UltraQ Digital Controllers as optional extras, which prevent the need to watch over your low and slow cooks as the BBQ Guru will do all the work in controlling the airflow and internal temperatures of your grill. The perfect choice for your barbecuing, smoking, baking, searing, or roasting needs. It also features the Monolith unique system of feeding wood chips, chunks or pellets directly over the hot charcoal without having to raise the lid. Easy to use with great results every time.

There is an extensive range of optional Monolith Classic Pro Series Accessories to enhance your cooking experience including the cast iron grid, pizza stone and all weather cover to name but a few.

Product Information

Unique Pro Series Smart Grid System & Firebox
New Hinge System for Effortless Opening & Closing
Built-In BBQ Guru Fan
New Stainless Steel & Fibre Glass Sealing Gaskets
Stainless Steel Bands
New Vertical Exhaust Vent
New Guru Ready Nozzle
BBQ Guru Controller Mount
Limited Lifetime Warranty On All Ceramic Parts
Some light assembly required

Also Includes:

2 Grill Grates
2 Drip Trays
Ceramic 2PC Deflector Stone With Lifter
Smart Grid Carry Handle
Smoking Chips Feeder
Charcoal Basket With Divider
Grid Lifter
Ash Shovel

Size Guide

Width - 71cm
Height - 78cm
Depth - 59cm
Cooking Area Diameter - 46cm
Weight - 85kg

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