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Monolith Thermolith Digital Thermometer

Monolith Thermolith Digital Thermometer

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The Monolith Thermolith is a digital meat probe able to express the exact temperature of food cooked with the monolith grill. The Thermolith functions through a free mobile application available on both iOS and Android via Bluetooth connection. This app is both clear and easy to use to avoid any confusion. The thermometer itself can hold up to 6 probes and comes as standard with 2 probes included in different colours to tell them apart. The themorlith screen is also illuminated for use in the dark.

Product Information

Thermolith Digital Thermometer
2 Probes
6 Probe Connections
Illuminated Screen
Bluetooth Connection
Functions Through Mobile App
App Available on iOS & Android
Powered from 2 x AA battery (included)
200 hour battery life

Size Guide

Width - 13.7cm
Length - 19.5cm
Height - 5cm

Length - 1.37cm

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