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Sahara BBQ Poultry Roaster

Sahara BBQ Poultry Roaster

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Nothing tastes better than the flavour of a barbecue flame. Barbecue chicken or grill your vegetables to perfection with this Poultry Roaster from Sahara. High quality, stainless steel roaster will last you many delicious meals. Durable and easy to clean, simply put in the dishwasher once the roaster has cooled. 2-in-1 design: simply remove the center cup to use the grill basket feature to cook up veggies. Poultry roasters allow you to place a chicken upright inside your barbeque oven cavity, allowing the juices to flow out and into the container at the base. You can add red or white wine, beer or lemon juice to the bottom of the roaster to flavour the chicken. You can also cook vegetables in the juices that run off. A long slow roast in a barbecue chicken roaster will give your guests a great alternative to grilled chicken. Those who like very tender, flavoured chicken will particularly enjoy this technique, as the meat becomes infused with flavour, remains incredibly moist and tastes absolutely delicious.

Product Information

Made with Stainless Steel
Dishwasher Safe

Size Guide

Width - 31cm
Length - 32cm
Height - 8.5cm
Weight - 1.1kg

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