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UltraQ Monolith BBQ Guru Edition

UltraQ Monolith BBQ Guru Edition

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The BBQ Guru UltraQ® Temperature Controller is the ideal companion for any BBQ cook, amateur or professional, who wants to take their cooks to the highest level. Now, you can ensure you’re getting oven-like precision and a perfect meal every time you fire up your grill through Bluetooth and/or Wi-Fi control.

Product Information

Status Light Ring notifies you of pit temperature at a glance
Free BBQ Guru app + Bluetooth and Wi-Fi control gives you completely hands-free control over your BBQ
Bright LED display to show you cook status at a glance
Display Scanning feature provides temperature for your pit and up to 3 different foods
ShareMyCook allows you to connect with other pit masters and share your cooks
Versatile 5 -in-1 magnetic mount means you can place the UltraQ on virtually any surface
Dishwasher-safe probes means clean-up is a cinch
Oxygen regulation fan ensures the fire is the perfect temperature for cooking juicy, tender BBQ
Intelligent Open-Lid Detection protects your pit and food from temperature spikes

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Suitable for the Monolith BBQ Guru Edition Grills
Weight - 1kg

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