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Big K Eco Friendly Firelighter Cubes 96pc

Big K Eco Friendly Firelighter Cubes 96pc

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Big K’s Eco Friendly Firelighter Cubes are a great way to get your barbecue started without using any nasty chemicals or additives which can spoil the taste of your food. Available in this handy pack of 96 cubes, these carbon neutral FSC® Certified firelighters are made from renewable vegetable wax, making them an environmentally friendly way to get your fire started.

Product Information

Eco Friendly firelighter cubes
Carbon neutral product
Light your barbecue without nasty chemicals
Made from renewable vegetable wax
FSC® Certified

Size Guide

Pack of 96
Weight: 0.625kg
Dimensions: 8 x 13 x 25cm

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