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Cadac 2 Cook 3 Pro Deluxe QR Gas BBQ

Cadac 2 Cook 3 Pro Deluxe QR Gas BBQ

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The possibility of discovery is endless with the 2 Cook 3 Pro Deluxe QR. With new features such as; gas ignition protection, bottom heat shield, dual windshields, coffee pot stand and a grill plate handle, the 2 Cook 3 Pro Deluxe barbecue is the ultimate camping companion, whether camping, caravanning or picnicking.

The 2 Cook 3 Pro Deluxe barbecue has an integrated quick release (QR) coupling, so connecting to the gas supply is quick and easy. Plus with dual burners, each with push button piezo ignition, you can cook multiple dishes at the same time, maximising convenience. The addition of a removable coffee pot stand means you can enjoy your morning cuppa without worrying about boiling a large pan, as the 14cm pot stand is suitable for any small camping kettle, percolator, or pan.

Product Information

Dual Burner
Themoplastic Base with Stainless Steel Top
Ceramic Flat Plate & Ribbed Plate
Grill Plate Handle
Coffee Pot Stand
Push Button Piezo Ignition Per Burner
Two Windshields
Integrated QR Coupling
Convenient Storage Bag

Size Guide

Width - 55cm
Depth - 30cm
Height - 10cm
Weight - 5.8kg

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