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Cadac Soft Soak 40

Cadac Soft Soak 40

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Soaking your grill plates before washing means less time spent on cleaning and more time for you to enjoy the outdoors. No mess, no fuss! Fully submerge the BBQ Grid/s or other cooking surfaces from the Cadac E Braai, Citi Chef 40, Citi Chef 40 FS, Carri Chef 40 and Grillo Chef 40 ranges, for easy cleaning and soaking after use (up to 40cm diameter).

Made from a heat-resistant silicone, the soft soak is durable and heat resistant to 220 °C. For best results pour hot soapy water into the Soft Soak, add the BBQ Grid upside down and leave to soak for 60 minutes to allow all burnt-on bits and grease to lift. Then remove and simply wipe clean the grid or rinse with clean water.

Product Information

Mess-Free Cleaning
Fits Series 40 Range Surfaces
Heat Resistant to 220°C
Durable, Foldable, Food Grade and Heat-Resistant Silicone

Size Guide

Width - 49cm
Depth - 45cm
Height - 7cm

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