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Char-Broil Cool Clean 360 Grill Brush

Char-Broil Cool Clean 360 Grill Brush

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The Cool-Clean 360 Brush allows you to clean your grill more safely than using a conventional brush. The brush features red, ceramic-infused nylon bristles that will with stand up to 15,000 applications during testing without breaking or losing bristles. With the 360 brush design, it can reach nearly every corner, use it to clean the grates once they have cooled down so that your grill stays in great shape for longer.

Product Information

Cool-Clean - helps you clean grill surfaces without heat
360˚ Brush - get into hard to reach areas of the grill for fast, effective cleaning
Ceramic-infused Bristles - strong and durable, ideal for removing baked-on deposits after grilling
Handle Hook - hang them up, keep the brush at hand but worksurface clear
Use only when grill is cool to the touch

Size Guide

Width - 18cm
Length - 42cm
Depth - 4cm
Weight - 190g

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