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Char-Broil Digital Thermometer

Char-Broil Digital Thermometer

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With this Digital Thermometer you get perfect results every time, easy-to-read LCD display and the collapsible spike makes this thermometer the best. Ranging from 9°c to 200°c you will be able to cater from everything from rare to well-done cooking. Simply insert the probe into your food for a 5-second response from the easy to read LCD display.

Product Information

Quick response - 5 second LCD display response gives you quick results to ensure the best cooking results.
Range – From 9°c to 200°c you will find the ideal temperature for your BBQ food.
Easy to read – The clear LCD display accurately displays the temperature.
Battery powered (requires 1 x 357, LR44 or AG13 battery)

Size Guide

Width - 3cm
Length - 25cm
Depth - 1.5cm
Weight - 60g

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