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Char-Broil Ultimate Entertainment Unit

Char-Broil Ultimate Entertainment Unit

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With the Ultimate Modular Outdoor Kitchen, the family meeting point can be easily moved outdoors. The line combines durable quality, comfort and flexibility. The Entertainment Module has a high-quality, durable stainless-steel body (Type 304) and can withstand yearlong usage. The worktop is made of grey granite. The module is equipped with a fully functioning sink, an integrated plastic cutting board, a removable ice box, a retractable waste container and an recessed double socket. You can flexibly combine the Ultimate Entertainment Module with the Ultimate 3200 gas grill – for a perfect outdoor kitchen. If you also add the Ultimate Corner Module, you can place your Ultimate kitchen around the corner and create additional storage space.

Product Information

Modular kitchen with integrated tap and ice box
Incorporates a recessed double electrical socket
Exceptional build backed by a 10-year warranty
Built-in sink is ideal for washing salads and hands
Premium stainless-steel body and grey granite top
Features a handy retractable waste container
Locking casters to help when cooking or storing
Combine with the Ultimate 3200 Outdoor Kitchen

Size Guide

Width - 127cm
Depth - 64cm
Height - 124cm
Weight - 92kg

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