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Enders Aurora Mirror Black

Enders Aurora Mirror Black

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The AURORA® has lots of things to offer. Smoke is not one of them. While other charcoal table barbecues churn out smoke like steam locomotives, this BBQ sizzles away cleanly and unobtrusively. The battery-powered and extremely quiet E-FAN BBQ fan technology means it can be operated without emissions. This not only ignites the easy-to-fill charcoal compartment below the enamelled preparation surface, but also your passion for grilling – the good, old-fashioned way.

Product Information

Cast iron grate for a unique branding and even heat distribution no the barbecue rack up to the edge zones
E-FAN BBQ fan technology - extremely quiet, continuously adjustable, quickly makes the barbecue ready to use
Extremely flat so it's ideal for tabletop use
Mood lighting for atmospheric LED lighting

Size Guide

Length - 47cm
Width - 26cm
Height - 13.5cm
Weight - 5.7kg

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