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Enders Uniq Pro 3 IK Kitchen Cruster Gas Barbecue

Enders Uniq Pro 3 IK Kitchen Cruster Gas Barbecue

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Uniqueness in series production: the brand new UNIQ® PRO line from Enders. Four models that embody the predicate “top class” like no other BBQ. And it’s the CRUSTER® that is responsible for this. The grill feature for extreme variability that only the UNIQ PRO® series can call its own. Also on board: the Dual side cooker. A sturdy cooking grate made of robust cast iron, which enables preparation in both low and high temperature ranges and, in combination with the DELICATER™ OVEN, can also be used to finish off several pieces of meat while leaving the oversized grill area – which measures just under 3,400 square centimetres – free to use. And that’s just the tip of this sizzling iceberg made of sturdy cast aluminium parts: in addition to the 800 °C TURBO ZONE™, HEAT RANGE™, SWITCH GRID™ and the dishwasher-optimised SIMPLE CLEAN™, a special slider grill grate is also included to conveniently slide food under the CRUSTER®. To ensure that nothing wobbles, tilts or sways, the UNIQ® PRO series has levelling feet in the base cabinet to compensate for unevenness in the floor without any compromises. The UNIQ® PRO line not only redefines the word uniqueness in an unparalleled design that places the greatest emphasis on the smallest components, it also delivers this excellence in series production.

Product Information

CRUSTER® (6.7 KW): from backburner to top heat: infinitely adjustable in height and angle of inclination, the ceramic burner provides 800 °C infrared top heat in the grill
800°C TURBO ZONE™ with infrared mesh: reaches extra high temperatures in no time at all for hot searing
HEAT RANGE™: constant temperatures for cooking on a low or high flame
SWITCH GRID™: the enamelled cast grate offers versatile grilling options
SLIDER GRILL GRATE: stainless steel rails with support tray and grill grate make it easy to slide the food back and forth under the Cruster®
DUAL SIDE COOKER: for preparing side dishes, can also be used as a storage surface when folded closed
TWO-PART WARMING GRATE made from stainless steel
SIMPLE CLEAN™: the components of the combustion chamber are manually removable for easy cleaning – no tools needed

Size Guide

Width - 147cm
Depth - 69.5cm
Height - 121cm
Weight - 96kg

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