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ESSE 1000 W Wood Burning Range Cooker

ESSE 1000 W Wood Burning Range Cooker

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The 1000 W is the cleanest wood burning cooker we’ve ever built incorporating patented catalytic technology, used to clean the emissions and reburn smoke particles, the 1000 W releases just 0.04 CO emissions and as little as 20 mg/m₀³ of combustion dust.

ESSE 1000 W offers the best of both, dependable cooking performance and room-filling radiant heat all rolled into one beautifully hand-crafted range cooker. Welcoming warmth at breakfast and piping hot water – yes, there is even an optional domestic hot water boiler model. The surround heat from the firebox powers a large graduated temperature hotplate and three, generously deep, heat-retaining ovens provide stable radiant baking and roasting qualities.

Inside the top left cast iron door is a glass viewing window to the fire. Four, simple to use, firebox and flue controls give an impressive level of temperature adjustment offering the user exceptional burn rate control for energy-efficient running. With an efficiency performance over 81%, the 1000 W extracts more heat from the wood, emitting minimal smoke and leaving only a small amount of ash.

Product Information

Cast iron hotplate – up to six pans
Durable high performance hob finish
Three ovens – total capacity 126 litres
1000 WN wood cooker heat output – 4.6kW
1000 WD with domestic hot water boiler heat output – 7.6kW

Size Guide

Width - 98.5cm
Depth - 67cm
Height - 90cm
Weight - 315kg

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