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Firepits UK Flat Table Top Lid

Firepits UK Flat Table Top Lid

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Our Flat Table Top Lid is an essential and multi-tasking extra that we highly recommend buying with your fire pit. The lid will keep rain water and debris out of the fire bowl which will protect it. Also, crucially, the ash is dry for when you next light up. It also acts as a snuffer at the end of the evening so you know that you can safely leave hot embers to die out in your absence. And finally, when you’re not using your fire pit, the lid turns your fire pit into a table – for plant pots perhaps or that blissful garden cup of coffee at the start of the day.

NB: With an additional 5cm plus all round width, our flat table top lid is designed to overhang your fire pit.

Product Information

Stylish multi-purpose lid for your fire pit. Use as a table when your fire pit is not fire up or as a safe snuffer lid to extinguish your fire when your entertaining ends.

Size Guide

Lid 50cm:
Diameter excl. handles - 63cm
Depth - 3cm
Weight - 6kg

Lid 60cm:
Diameter excl. handles - 72cm
Depth - 3cm
Weight - 8kg

Lid 70cm:
Diameter excl. handles - 82cm
Depth - 3cm
Weight - 9kg

Lid 80cm:
Diameter excl. handles - 92cm
Depth - 3cm
Weight - 12kg

Lid 90cm:
Diameter excl. handles - 101cm
Depth - 3cm
Weight - 14kg

Lid 120cm:
Diameter excl. handles - 140cm
Depth - 3cm
Weight - 18kg

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