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Firepits UK Kebab Rack

Firepits UK Kebab Rack

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When grilling kebabs our clever Kebab Rack gives you extra control. The square edges mean the skewers can be easily turned and will rest in position on the rack rather than rolling around on the grill. They are beautifully hand-crafted from mild steel and the skewers can also be used for spatchcocking a chicken.

The Kebab Rack can be used for cooking a wide range of foods from vegetables, to meat and fish. It is the perfect accessory to cater for everyone, as each skewer can be made up of different ingredients. Our favourite is Prawns with Chorizo which you will find in FoolProof by Genevieve Taylor of the Bristol fire school.

To care for your fire pit cooking accessories, wash the Kebab Rack after each use with wire wool. Remove any bits and apply a thin layer of cooking oil before storing away inside. Alternatively, place your Kebab Rack inside your fire pit with Flat Table Top Lid placed over the top to help protect the steel.

Product Information

Create perfect kebabs with our elegant, but robust, set of six skewers complete with rack. The square edges on the skewers ensure easing turning and even cooking.

Remember after cleaning your Kebab Rack to oil it with cooking oil.

Size Guide

Diameter - 30cm
Depth - 28cm
Height - 5cm
Skewer - 42cm inc. 6cm handle
Weight - 1.5kg

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