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Firepits UK

Firepits UK Legs Eleven Fire Pit with Swing Arm BBQ Rack

Firepits UK Legs Eleven Fire Pit with Swing Arm BBQ Rack


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Our original ‘Swing Arm’ design, the Legs Eleven Fire Pit Collection can be used as both a fire pit and a BBQ! The BBQ Rack provides a great height for cooking over and can be swung away from any sudden flames which may arise while cooking. The Swing Arm is fully removable allowing the fire pit to be enjoyed for warmth into the evening.

NB: We do not manufacture a lid suitable for this fire pit.

Accessorise your fire pit
To increase the cooking experience, we have also designed our Up-Down Swing Arm BBQ Rack. Giving the ultimate versatility, it allows you to adjust the height giving you maximum cooking control. Have a look at our Accessories section where you’ll find lots more useful extras for cooking over and managing your fire. Choose from our practical accessories such as our Fire Pit BBQ Gloves or the Ash Rake, which is great for moving hot embers around to facilitate cooking.

Maintaining your fire pit
NB: All our fire pits, lids and accessories will begin to rust immediately and will not maintain their black finish. However, this will not affect their long term durability. As all our fire pits are handmade from sheet steel which has naturally occurring blemishes, there may be very slight variations in the forging and finish. Please click here for handy tips on the safe use and care of your fire pit and accessories.

Product Information

The Legs Eleven provides versatility with its fully removable Swing Arm BBQ Rack.

Size Guide

Legs Eleven 60:
Diameter - 60cm
Depth - 17.5cm
Height - 42cm
Weight - 22kg

Legs Eleven 70:
Diameter - 70cm
Depth - 19.5cm
Height - 50cm
Weight - 28kg

Legs Eleven 80:
Diameter - 80cm
Depth - 21cm
Height - 50cm
Weight - 32kg

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