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Firepits UK Roasting Oven/Smoker Box

Firepits UK Roasting Oven/Smoker Box


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Our Roasting Oven/Smoker Box is so versatile you can roast meat joints, vegetables, or potatoes or add smoking pellets or smoking power to smoke your cheeses or fish. Just place on top of your Swing Arm or BBQ Rack and cook over a gentle heat. There are some great recipes available for smoking dishes, just experiment and enjoy!

To use as a Roasting Oven, pour some oil on the grill plate and roasting tray. Place on the BBQ Rack over hot embers (not flames) and allow to warm for five minutes. Add your food and put the cloche top in place. If you are roasting meat, you can remove from the Roasting Oven; and place directly on the BBQ Rack to finish off and get that fire pit flavour.

To use as a Smoker Box, use over a low heat of hot embers, not flames. Add your smoker chips or smoking powder to the bottom plate; the chips usually come with instructions – abide by the amounts stated. Place the grill plate on top above the smoker chips; place the food you’re going to smoke on top of the grill and place the cloche top over the contents. Put the Smoker Box on the BBQ Rack over the hot embers. Smoke the contents for the stated length of time on the smoker pellets instructions. When the powder has burnt out or stated length of time is up and you wish to smoker for longer – add more chips and continue.

Product Information

A Roasting Oven for roasting joints of meat and potatoes but can be used as a Smoker Box just by adding smoking pellets for smoking cheeses and fish.

Size Guide

Diameter - 42cm
Depth - 15cm
Weight - 7.5kg

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