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Monolith Classic Charcoal Basket with Divider

Monolith Classic Charcoal Basket with Divider

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The stainless steel charcoal basket significantly improves airflow within the grill. The ashes can now fall through the bars, so there is no clogging and hence no obstruction to the air supply from below.

Before refilling, simply lift the charcoal basket out of the Monolith by the handles, then shake off the ashes, if needed top up the remaining charcoal in the basket.

The charcoal basket for the Monolith Basic, Classic and the Monolith Le Chef feature a divider that can be used to set up 2 different heat zones within the grill. Together with the half-moon deflector stones and the divider offer you more flexibility.

Compatible with the Monolith Basic Grill

Product Information

Stainless Steel Construction
Practical Ash Basket
Improves Airflow
Prevents Ash Build-up
Handles to lift outward
Divider for multiple heat zones on the Basic, Classic and Le Chef models

Size Guide

Diameter - 38.5cm
Height - 18.5cm

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