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Monolith Classic Smart Grid System Drip Pan Set

Monolith Classic Smart Grid System Drip Pan Set

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The Monolith SMART Grid System – Classic Drip Pans (2 Pcs) for Monolith PRO series is an accessory compatible for use with the Monolith SMART Grid System that is included as an integral part of the Monolith Classic PRO-Series 1.0 or can be separately purchased to retro-fit within an older Monolith Classic or to upgrade a Monolith Grill Basic.
These two semi-circular grease traps interlock so that dripping liquids are safely collected though only one can be used if necessary in the SMART Grid system.

Product Information

Use With The Monolith Classic Pro Smart Grid System
High Quality Stainless Steel
Protects Deflector Stones
Catches oil & food residues

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Suitable for use with Monolith Classic

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