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Monolith Grill Basic Kamado Charcoal BBQ

Monolith Grill Basic Kamado Charcoal BBQ

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The Monolith Classic Basic is the same superior quality and construction as the Monolith Classic Pro 1.0 but is supplied with fewer accessories to allow a lower purchase price.
Now includes a segmented Firebox, Ash pan, and shovel

It is also an absolute all-rounder as a ceramic egg and can be used all year round as a complete kitchen. Functionally there is no significant difference to the Classic. The only noticeable thing is that the Basic lacks the monolith chip feeder system, and the stainless steel straps have been exchanged for powder-coated steel straps.
As with all Monolith models, the options for cooking on the Monolith Grill Basic – Black with Cart can be widened with accessories from Monolith’s extensive range, such as a rotisserie or pizza stone, or it can be upgraded with the Pro-Series Firebox and/or Smart Grid System

Product Information

Powder-coated frame with side tables made of bamboo
Air iron cap in black
Body and lid are made of ceramic, black
Stainless steel cooking grate
Cast iron charcoal grate
NEW Segmented Firebox
Ash pan and shovel
Ring of fire
Protector stone
2-piece deflector stone with bracket - creates direct and indirect cooking zones
Bamboo handle
4 Castors with 2 Locking
Foldable bamboo side shelves
Temperature Range: 70 - 400°C

Size Guide

Width - 71cm
Height - 120cm
Depth - 59cm
Cooking Area Diameter - 46cm
Weight - 85kg

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