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Monolith Rotisserie Icon/Junior

Monolith Rotisserie Icon/Junior

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The Monolith stainless steel rotisserie is now also available for the Monolith ICON & Junior too. The proven wedge shape allows full use with the lid closed for ultimate control. The rotisserie comes with a set of 3 robust stainless steel skewers, which are rotated simultaneously by the battery-operated motor (altern. motor 220 V). An additionally available set of attachable skewer clamps allows larger grilled food to be fixed to the skewers.

Product Information

Stainless Steel Rotating Spit
2 Meat Forks With Attached Prongs
Metal Encased Battery Powered Motor
Batteries Not Included
Suitable for the Monolith Icon & Junior Grill

Size Guide

Suitable for use with the Monolith Icon and Junior Grills
Weight: 3.5kg

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