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Monolith Rotisserie LeChef Skewer Set (9pc)

Monolith Rotisserie LeChef Skewer Set (9pc)

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With the stainless steel skewer set for the Monolith LeChef Rotisserie, you can make your ceramic grill even more versatile.

Thanks to the motor and the special drive of the rotisserie (207000-L) all your skewers are turned on the grill at the same time. This makes delicious meat skewers even easier for you to prepare.

Product Information

Stainless Steel Construction
9PC Set
Great for creating Kebabs
Developed for use with the Monolith LeChef Grill
Suitable for any Charcoal Grill
Includes 9 brackets

Size Guide

Length: 74 cm
Made for the Monolith LeChef Rotisserie

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