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Monolith Skewer Rack Set

Monolith Skewer Rack Set

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The Monolith Skewer Rack Set is a simple way of producing great kebabs and similar meals. Six stainless steel skewers and a 2PC rack are included. Sharp ends and adequate width make for easy piercing and prevents food from spinning or slipping. The Skewer Rack Set is developed for use with our range of Monolith Grills and is suitable for any size.

Product Information

Stainless Steel Construction
Sharp, Wide Skewers
2PC Rack
Skewers can be positioned multiple ways
6x Skewers Included
Developed for use with Monolith Grills
Also available for other Charcoal Grills

Size Guide

Width - 0.5cm
Length - 43cm
Depth - 3cm

Width - 3.5cm
Length - 32cm
Height - 3.5cm

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