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Stanley FatMax Folding Plasterboard Jab Saw

Stanley FatMax Folding Plasterboard Jab Saw


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The Stanley FatMax FMHT0-20559 folding jab saw is designed for efficient cutting through plasterboard. It has a three-blade locking angle mechanism at 90°, 135° and 180° with triple bevelled toothing for easier cutting that is up to 50% faster than other models. The blade folds away for maximum safety and ease of storage.

Product Information

3 locking positions at 90, 135, 180 degrees make this saw ideal for corner or ceiling cuts / better leverage
3 sided JetCut tooth cuts on the push and pull stroke – 50% faster than traditional tooth designs
8TPI blade is ideal for cutting through plasterboard
Fold away storage – for safety
Locking mechanism locks the blade in open and closed positions for safety and convenience
Soft grip handle for added comfort
An ultra-hard tooth with a sharpened tip to punch through plasterboard

Size Guide

7 teeth per inch
110mm blade
Net Wt. - 0.187kg

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