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Tramontina 2x BBQ Claws

Tramontina 2x BBQ Claws

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The Tramontina BBQ Claws are perfect for shredding various meat types. They also help mix up salads. Made of durable ABS plastic with an ergonomic design, these claws are comfortable to hold and can be used at temperatures up to 194°F. Dishwasher-safe to make your daily routine easier.

Product Information

Multipurpose Claws 2-pieces
Size 11.2cm x 10.6cm x 2.2cm
Made of thick plastic, heat resistant up to 90C
Handle offers a safe, comfortable ergonomic grip
A must-have for a variety of useful applications
Can be matched with other items to make a BBQ kit
Equally well suited for use in the kitchen
Dishwasher safe

Size Guide

Width - 11cm
Length - 11cm
Height - 2.2cm
Weight - 0.165kg

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