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Tramontina BBQ Wok

Tramontina BBQ Wok

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This barbeque wok offers an alternative option for cooking outdoors on the grill, as we all look for something a bit different to conjure up al fresco.Made from anodised aluminium with a stainless steel handle, it is scratch resistant, as well as being resistant to high temperatures and conducts heat quickly and evenly.

A flatter base than a conventional wok means a bigger area is in contact with the hot grill, but it still has sloping sides to stir and toss the food quickly and easily. The small holes in the wok allow the contents to char over coals and the smoke to pass through for a smoky flavour. It also means that if you are cooking a variety of food types together there is not the same build up of mixed juices and fats in the wok. This allows you to replicate authentic wok cooking, which is always done at high heat, on the grill, creating a combo of authentic stir fries with a barbeque sizzle, smell, and taste, making your food as diverse as it is delicious.It is fantastic for juicy tiger prawns, tender fish pieces, chunks of meat and poultry, vegetables, and many other smaller foods.

Product Information

Anodised aluminium conducts heat quickly, evenly
Flat base for more contact with the hot grill
Sloping sides to stir and toss food quickly
Small holes to allow an element of charring
Stainless steel handle
Ideal for tiger prawns, tender fish, meat, vegetables
Made in Brazil

Size Guide

Width - 26.5cm
Length - 44cm
Depth - 13.7cm

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