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Tramontina Carbon Steel Flat-Packed Portable BBQ Grill

Tramontina Carbon Steel Flat-Packed Portable BBQ Grill

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A barbecue is always great for gathering family and friends around the meat grilling over the fire, and Tramontina offers the perfect portable grill for doing just that: the Tramontina Flat-Packed Portable BBQ Grill. Easy to move around and easy to assemble, versatility at its best! - you can take it whenever you want wherever you want - a barbecue in your garden or at the beach, in the mountains or deep in the countryside - the choice is yours. No screws or tools needed, its assembly is all by clicks! And when it comes to storage, it fits easily into any small space.
Made of enamelled carbon steel with a stainless steel grate, it’s both stylish and strong, it has low charcoal consumption too, 1.5 kg as the recommended amount, and designed for outdoor use only.
The perfect choice for the perfect barbecue, any place, any time. The Flat-Packed Portable BBQ Grill. Made in Brazil for serious barbecuing.

Product Information

Enamelled carbon steel with stainless steel grate
Portable and Versatile
Easy self-assembly and storage - no screws or tools needed

Size Guide

Length - 41.9cm
Width - 34.2cm
Height - 32.1cm
Weight - 3.67kg

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