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Tramontina Cast Iron Griddle Pan

Tramontina Cast Iron Griddle Pan

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Amongst the many stand-out elements of the Black Collection is the comprehensive range of pre-seasoned cast iron cookware. Offering even and efficient heat distribution, which saves time and energy, it is highly durable, easy to clean and designed to last a lifetime. It can be used almost anywhere on any heat source, including induction - on any kitchen stovetop, in the oven, outdoor grill barbeque, or on an open campfire. It can then be taken straight to the table to serve, although a protective mat will be required. Extremely versatile, the range provides many cooking options and can be used for almost any type of cuisine creating the most up-to-the-minute dishes from healthy stir-fries, curries, and no-end-of-global cuisine to convenient one-pot meals. This 26cm round griddle pan, which has a 1.65l capacity, features an ergonomic handle with a hanging hole, helper handle and two pouring lips. The ridges give score marks to the food, adding to the authentic grilled look and it is ideal for a number of cooking applications but is a true hero when it comes to grilling all types of foods especially meat, fish, and vegetables.

Product Information

Cast Iron Round Griddle Pan 26cm (1.65l)
Easy to clean and designed to last a lifetime
Efficient heat distribution
Handle with hole, helper handle, two pouring lips
Can be used on any heat source including induction
Can be used on table to serve with protective mat
Extremely versatile, well-suited for grilling
Hand wash only

Size Guide

Diameter - 26cm
Weight - 2.53kg

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