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Tramontina Cast Iron Grill Press

Tramontina Cast Iron Grill Press

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Tramontina presents their Cast Iron range which features this 17cm pre-seasoned round grill press. Being both convenient and versatile, each item in this collection makes everyday cooking easier whilst also saving time and energy, which allows you to spend more time with family and friends.

Product Information

Cast Iron Round Grill Press – pre-seasoned – 17.3cm
Highly durable, easy to clean and designed to last a lifetime; round wooden handle offers a secure and comfortable grip
Matches and complements the comprehensive cookware collection, which can be used almost anywhere, on any heat source, including induction - on any kitchen stovetop, in the oven, outdoor grill/barbeque, or on an open campfire
The perfect tool for searing, pressing, speeding up and evening-out the cooking of burgers, patties, thin cuts of meat etc., with ridges which give score marks to the food, adding to the authentic grilled look
Hand wash only – using a dishwasher will remove the seasoning and likely cause rust

Size Guide

Diameter - 17.3cm

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