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Tramontina Fish / Vegetables Tray

Tramontina Fish / Vegetables Tray

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Juicy cuts of meat aside, barbequing some of your other favourite foods such as fish and vegetables can be quite a daunting thought for some, but with Tramontina accessories it is easier than you think. This stainless steel fish and vegetable tray offers an array of options as well as gives you the confidence you need to barbeque like a pro! Made from strong, durable stainless steel, the tray is a generous overall size of 48.4 cm x 32 cm and can comfortably accommodate a sizeable fish, either whole or filleted and can also be used for a variety of other foods such as thinner cuts of meat, burgers, sausages, vegetables and more. It is recommended for gas and charcoal barbeque grills, which are ideal for smoking food one side is lower than the others for ease of removing the fish and other delicate grilled items.

Product Information

Stainless steel tray, durable and strong
Generous 48.4 cm x 32 cm size
Perfect for grilling fish, vegetables and more
Soft and delicate foods will be kept intact
Dishwasher safe
Made in Brazil

Size Guide

Width - 32cm
Length - 48cm
Depth - 3.6cm
Weight - 1.1kg

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