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Tramontina Grill Brush

Tramontina Grill Brush

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Keep your barbecues and grills clean with this premium grill brush from Tramontina Churrasco. Boasting a high quality brush and scraper, this kitchen essential effortlessly removes any burnt-on foods and grease, helping you keep your appliances in immaculate condition. Featuring a long handle made from sustainably sourced Brazilian cherry wood and hardwood, the brush keeps you away from heat sources, ensuring you stay cool at all times. The handle is also ergonomically designed, giving you a secure grip to help you clean comfortably for lengthy periods.

Product Information

Brazilian Hardwood and Cherry is sustainably sourced from reforestation area
Ergonomic grip that means more security handling thicker pieces of meat
Wooden handle resists heat, staying cool for comfort
Made in Brazil
Hand wash at 65°C with a neutral detergent for a longer life
Not dishwasher safe
The long handle assists with safer handling when the food is at high temperatures

Size Guide

Width - 8cm
Length - 48.7cm
Depth - 1.9cm
Weight - 200g

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