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Tramontina Sauce Injector 30 ml

Tramontina Sauce Injector 30 ml

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The Tramontina Sauce Injector can be used to inject marinade into all types of meat. It can also be used to inject sauces and butter into pork, beef and chicken joints to introduce flavour and succulence. It is particularly good for long ‘low and slow’ cooks in beef brisket, pulled pork and chicken.

Product Information

Roast Meat Marinade Stainless Steel Syringe
Perfect for Barbecue or roasts, this heavy-duty sauce injector is suitable for professional and everyday use
Easy to use, it is ideal to inject flavours into meats
Features a stainless steel needle and a barrel with marked measurements

Size Guide

Width - 7cm
Length - 22cm
Depth - 3cm
Capacity - 30ml

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