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Valiant Vanquish 250 Heat Powered Stove Fan

Valiant Vanquish 250 Heat Powered Stove Fan

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The fan is designed to circulate the warm air created by your stove into larger than average sized rooms. Which means you will no longer be fighting over the arm chair next to the fireplace! Our Stove Fans are also self-powered, using the heat from the stove to generate power so no batteries or mains power are needed. The Vanquish 250 has unrivalled output, pushing out up to 90% greater airflow than other designs. The blade design also makes it especially suited to larger rooms. The quiet, cool running motor provides superior quality and maximises fuel efficiency.

Product Information

Up to 90% greater airflow than other designs
Easy starting at 50°C (120°F)
No running costs - simply place on a stove & the fan uses the heat to operate
Maximum operating temperature 340°C (640°F)
Optimum operating temperature range 80-250°C (175 – 480°F)
Inbuilt protection system to stop the fan overheating
Increased fuel efficiency
24 months materials & workmanship guarantee
Designed & engineered in the UK
Fully CE compliant

Size Guide

Height - 250mm
Width - 230mm

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