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WARMA Premium Pizza Oven Wood Pellets 10kg

WARMA Premium Pizza Oven Wood Pellets 10kg

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Easy to light and reaching temperature quickly these Eco Premium Pellets produce the perfect pizza every time.

Product Information

100% Natural 100% Flavour
No Additives, No Chemicals, No Binding agents
Odourless and no taint allowing the authentic wood fired flavour, infuse your pizza
Consistent high heat is perfect for fast cooking
Warma Pizza pellets suitable in most ovens
Ooni, Uuni, Dellonda, Piccolo, Nero, Mi-fire, Dada, Fresh Grills.
Made fom 100% virgin softwood they are a great Eco alternative.
10kg bag for easy storage and efficiency

Size Guide

Please store your pizza fuel wood pellets indoors in the dry – they will absorb any atmospheric moisture which will make them much less efficient. Pizza fuel wood pellets are only for use in specially designed pizza ovens, biomass boilers and specialised pellet stoves; they are not suitable for use in wood burning stoves, multi-fuel stoves, or open fires.

10kg Bag

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